Thursday, April 14, 2016

This Sunday at Calvary we will look at “Jonah, The Gourd and the Lord”
Jonah sits enjoying his gourd… while all the time ignoring his Lord.  We all have gourds in our lives, family, friends, possessions, material things we accumulate, cars, boats, our home or furniture.  Not always bad things.  For some their gourd is their appearance…. you know, how others see us.  Maybe it’s a career or your job.  The struggle to improve your lifestyle.  For some it’s habits or comforts and pleasures in life.  Anything that takes priority over our relationship with the Lord.
We serve a great God who is caring and loving and longsuffering.
He sent His son into a world to die.  Even for people who may never accept His gift of salvation

That is a love we may never understand while living in this world.  We can only accept it.
Join us this Sunday @11am as we look at the gourds in our lives.
This life is only for a short time and anything we put before God will soon disappear.
What does it profit to gain all this world offers and yet lose our own soul?

Also, come join us for a wonderful concert this Sunday evening with Roy Tremble at 6pm.

We are still praising the Lord for Alexia, Sam, and Etsa's baptisms this past Sunday morning.