Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Sunday... Missionary Ed and Leslie Shick...

About Ed and Leslie and their Ministry in Poland

We hope to reach more Polish people with Gospel. The 85 Baptist churches currently in Poland cannot well reach a population of 38 million. The pastors there need help in developing better evangelistic outreach, solid discipleship, worker training and expansion through church planting.

Ed will be working directly with pastors in these areas. Leslie will be working in women’s ministry as well and will be teaching English as an evangelistic outreach. We will also use English camps and sports camps to spread the Gospel message.

Example of Ministry
This last summer in Poland we visited an orphanage under the direction of Pastor Paul. We played a game of soccer with the children. During the half-time break we shared the Gospel using a soccer ball with 5-colors, each representing a point in the Gospel story. Our son, Ryan spoke in English while the pastor translated. Later our children shared musically. Kyle shared his testimony and a Bible verse as well.

Though just a brief event, this was sample of what God is doing in Poland through Polish Christians. We hope to come alongside them to help propel the Gospel deeper into the Polish communities so that there will be a harvest of more believers from this field and that there will be at least one local Baptist church in each community.

You can learn more about the Schick's here...